Let Your Fandom Out!

I learned to sew from my mother-in-law in order to hem my pants… For a long while, it was merely a convenient skill that saved me about $10 per jeans at alterations stores, though sewing quickly grew into a hobby that has since evolved into a cozy side business.

Once my kids were born I decided to make blankets… Which turned into pillows, pillowcases, and curtains. I often despaired the lack of ‘geeky’ items geared towards women in stores and began making purses, scarves, skirts and dresses in all of my favorite fandom prints – because why should my kids have all the fun?! I relish using comic book/pop culture fabrics in particular (you’ll notice a lot of comics and Supernatural featured as they’re my faves!) as when I began sewing, such fabrics were in short supply… Even now many items in my shop are made from custom printed fabric not available in any stores – true one of a kinds.

It was at the urging of family and friends that I turned to Etsy and thus Sew Ashtastic was born! After much thought, I decided to aim my shop items towards ‘fashionably practical.’ Ultimately, I want every customer to not only enjoy flying their fandom colors, but also end up with a versatile item that will stand the test of time.

What started as learning a skill to save a few bucks drifted into an online business and has now grown to even new heights. Having deep roots in local pop-culture events, it seemed a natural route for the Sew Ashtastic brand to wander into several local Comic-Cons and Craft Fair shows… We’re always eager to appear at events and make new friends! Our event schedule is slowly expanding which means: new shows, new product ideas, exclusive convention specials, and more opportunities to hang out with awesome people.

The shop continues to blossom at a steady rate and product is always changing to meet the demands of a wider spread public. New styles and fandoms are constantly being added (don’t be shy – submit a request if you don’t see your fave!) so please be sure to follow me here, Etsy and on Facebook for the most current news on all the great new fabric prints and styles to come!