It’s ALIVE!!!

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With much help from my patient, beloved husband – is now live!

I’ve been relatively quiet on my usual social media channels as I sorted out designing this – I haven’t even had time to sew! But all that hard work has paid off and I’m so excited to share my new site with you. You can shop, check local events and submit questions/order request… You can do it all here!

I hope you enjoy browsing and testing out all the goodies found herein. A special thanks to my happy customers whose photos were used with permission – I love seeing people rocking Sew Ashtastic originals! If you have a photo you would like featured on the site, please submit it via email or through our Facebook Page.

Any questions, please reach out using the Contact page and ask away – and feel free to give all the links/menu options the good ‘ole stress test and let us know how they hold up šŸ™‚


PS… Don’t forget to follow us on the twitter, facebook and the ‘gram! Links to which are all found on our handy dandy sidebar! You can even follow the site directly for upcoming sale info, events and contests!